Why choose Modular...

Modular construction is where a building is constructed off-site under controlled factory conditions. The building is designed and produced either whole, or for larger projects, in transportable sections – with the same focus on using environmentally focused, high quality materials and meeting relevant building regulations and performance standards as traditional construction.

Once completed off-site, including internal fit-out, the sections are delivered to site, where they are installed, checked, tested and signed over. More than ever off-site construction is playing a vital role in the development of more efficient and sustainable methods of construction. Modular buildings don’t just represent a lower financial outlay, but can also be produced to much tighter timescales, ensuring that you get extra space you need on time and budget


Off site construction methods are quicker than traditional building methods 


Whatever the build or specification, there’s a modular build to suit.

Eco Friendly

Modular buildings offer high thermal performance and meet and exceed regulatory requirements,


Modular construction helps avoid the disruption that can come with traditional build.


Off-site construction offers high quality and cost effective modular structure thats entirely fit for purpose.   


The factory controlled construction process meets strict quality standards at each step of the build. Thorough checks are completed before modules are released for site delivery.


Modular buildings are an environmentally sound method of construction. Compared to traditional construction the off-site process achieves reduced build times, helps avoid stoppages due to adverse weather, while minimising waste and streamlining transportation with fewer deliveries to site.

The environmental benefits are an increasingly important reason for going modular, both from regulations perspective and for end user requirements. Sourcing low carbon building solutions also helps organisations and businesses to meet their corporate and social responsibilities.