Here are some of our most FAQs, if your question isn’t answered please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and a member of our team would be more than happy to help you.

At Galetech Modular Solutions, the buildings that we supply offer complete versatility which makes them ideal for both temporary and permanent purposes. As with any permanent structure, it is necessary to attain the correct permissions before commencing work. Our company excels in this area and will ensure that your planning application has the best chance of being accepted.

Failing to adhere to building regulations can quickly derail a project. We will ensure that all bases are covered incorporating any and all building requirements into our new builds. With our skills and expertise, we can provide you with a modular building that is rated to last up to 60 years.

At Galetech Modular Solutions, we handle all construction off-site which will, in turn, minimise any disruption to you. Our modular building construction facilities are fully sheltered so we will never be slowed down by bad weather. Best of all, because we aren’t travelling to your site there will be less waste to deal with and our impact on the environment will be largely negated.

At Galetech Modular Solutions, our fantastic modular buildings are built in full compliance with today’s modern building regulations. This means they require no concessions to be made for us to build them. Utilising sophisticated space frame concepts they will provide you with solid and reliable use for up to 60 years. Unlike traditional builds which were somewhat limited our modular buildings can be adapted to any shape, size or configuration to suit any requirement.

Plus, with a range of quality finishes that includes brick and cedar cladding, you will have difficulty distinguishing these from non-modular structures.


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